We support the future female programmer


About us

SmartCoding was initiated after we faced a lot of challenges while trying to shift from an old career to the exciting world of programming. We struggled a lot, with main obstacle the basic programming education. Therefore, we decided to do something about it. We designed the vision of SmartCoding; to empower women in IT and support gender equality.

Why join SmartCoding program?

Hands-on learning

You will learn to code by studying and solving real IT problems and projects to prepare you for the life of a programmer.

Free courses

The courses are totally free and we will strive to bring you the best quality instruction.

CourseS are held in English

We all speak English and this will be our official language! Therefore, all courses will be held in English.

How do we help after graduation?


After successfully graduating from our junior course, you will have the chance to apply for an internship at one of our company partners.

Project tasks

During, but also after the course, you will have the chance to participate in a real IT project handled by one or more of our partners.


Beginner courses are not binding for students thus we expect a student to be committed and present during a full 3-month course otherwise drop out fees are to be expected. The successful junior courses’ graduates will be offered internships and/or job positions at partner companies or external parties that they will be obliged to take as a continuation of their process of education and developing a real career in IT.*
*Ask us about terms and conditions