We support the future female programmer



Provide one or more of the following:

/*Tasks or full IT projects to work on during the advanced courses*/

/*Internships for the graduates of the advanced courses*/

/*Software Developer job positions, full-time, part-time or project work*/


Provide Partner’s contribution + one or more of the following:


/*Teachers’ salaries budget*/

/*Laptops with software*/

/*Course rooms’ rent or space for the course(s)*/

/*Training materials (papers, pens etc.)*/

/*Advertising budget (online and printed materials)*/

/*Teachers’ salaries budget*/

/*Events budget*/


/*Use your networks and help us find Partners */

/*Become a mentor or guest lecturer. It requires only as much time as you can offer!*/

/*Support us with funding e.g. workshops, bootcamps, hackathons, events*/

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