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So you are thinking of changing your current work and get into IT? Does giving up your current profession make sense? Can you start a new education and how long will it take to learn to code? How to plan it and how much time you need to spend on it per day? What are you interested in – do you want to build apps, websites, develop games or maybe you are interested in something else?

That is indeed a lot of questions to start with but smart planning makes a SmartCoding student! So let’s check your options!

At SmartCoding we focus on your needs as a student and also on what the job market is looking for. We want to do the perfect match-making. Let us assist you and introduce some options you might be interested in.

Choosing your path:

Full Stack Developer: Full-Stack Web Development, according to the Stack Overflow 2016 Developer Survey, is the most popular developer occupation today. 
Important Skills:

  2. Javascript
  3. Backend Language 
  4. Databases & Web Storage
  5. HTTP & REST
  6. Web Application architecture
  7. Git Hub 
  8. Basics Algorithms & Data structures

Game Developer: As the name suggests, game developers “make” games. 

 C# and Unity3D are considered to be the “industry standards” and this is what SmartCoding is suggesting for the corresponding Game Developer course.

To become a game developer you must fancy games a lot! 😉


But remember – there is no one and only “fixed” career path, you can always add more to your skills! Learning programming is all about learning how to solve problems. Each additional programming language will give you more chances to work with problem-solving in different tech areas such as e-health, edtech, fintech, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), blockchain and many many more!


If things are more clear now then START your new IT career path by applying to our free coding courses!

If I could go back in time and cope with something at the beginning of learning, it would be: practice and consistency are the most important things. It is better to learn about an hour a day than to have a few hours break every two weeks.

Sylvia, front-end junior developer

My message to women who want to change the industry? Girls, if you are already working somewhere and you do not know if it is a good idea to get involved in IT, please spend 1-2 hours a day on learning and do something like that for 3 months. If it excites you then continue, but more specifically. Write simple programs, design sample pages, etc. Simply code!

Kate, Software Tester (on her way to becoming a programmer)

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