SmartCoding (SC): Do you think that your background gives you many advantages as a junior developer now?

Ayesha (A): Part of my training as a counselor required a lot of self-work and working on developing my interpersonal skills. I think that has allowed me to be a good team player in terms of how I communicate, the language that I use, and my ability to listen and work through conflicts.

SC: What are the advantages and challenges of learning at SmartCoding?

A: One advantage is that it is a space that offers us resources and mentors who can guide us on our path to becoming better programmers. Secondly, it provides a group of people who are on a similar journey and who help and encourage each other. Thirdly, it provides the opportunity to work on a real project, which teaches us more about how to work together as a group.

One challenge is the relatively short period of time that we meet, which makes it hard to keep a sense of flow going. I also felt the need for a few more instructional classes to help complement the self-learning that happens.

SC: How is the teamwork and pair programming going for you?

A: The teamwork has been rewarding as well as challenging sometimes. I have learned a lot from discussing tasks with the other girls and asking them for help. The pair programming was at times challenging because of the short amount of time that we meet for.

SC: What is your opinion about the real IT project you are working on during classes?

A: I have enjoyed working on the project and have learned a lot from thinking about all the different aspects of creating a web product.

SC: Do you see any new opportunities after graduation that could help you to do something that you’ve always dreamt of?

A: I have always wanted to work with something that benefits society in a large scale in some way, and I feel like there are so many tech products and services that are attempting to address and make an impact on certain issues that plague society today. And so having taken these first steps towards becoming a developer – I feel like I have the possibility to join some of these companies and contribute to making the world a better place to live in.


SC: Will you, or are you already joining any tech events dedicated to women?

A: I have not yet joined any tech events dedicated to women, I would be interested in doing so in the future since I see that as a venue to be encouraged and motivated, while also meeting other women in tech that I could connect with.