SmartCoding (SC): Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Adila (A): I have a degree in English literature. When I first came to Sweden, I was looking for a new field to dive into, so I was studying Swedish first at the moment and then I realised I wanted to do something else, like computer languages. Apart from the job market, I like solving problems.


SC: Any useful skills that you’ve learnt during the course?

A: I’ve learnt how to be resourceful and search for information, also how to be independent when working. The teamwork – I’ve learnt how to listen to people during our pair- and group programming. And being attentive to details.


SC: Was it exciting to work on a real project?

A: It was interesting to translate the mockup into the code and try to match the code. It’s like a puzzle but it’s enjoyable.


SC: What do you think about the mentors? Did you find them helpful?

A: It was a good thing to have someone apart from the teacher to ask questions. They were very helpful and nice. Some of the mentors are actually SmartCoding graduates who managed to become developers – that part was really encouraging. 


SC: What would you like to do after the course?

A: Hopefully, get assigned to the internship. I’d like to work with Front-end, maybe because I didn’t have that much opportunity to work with back-end on a real project. I enjoy working with React and JavaScript.


SC: Do you have any experience with the IT job market in Sweden?

A: I haven’t tried yet, being too busy with studying! But I am looking forward to taking an internship after the course. I believe after the project we’ve been working on we’re ready for the real job market challenges. 


SC: It’s almost the end of the course. Looking from a time perspective, is there anything you’d like to do differently?

A: I liked our mentors and the teacher, but I’d like to be guided a bit more at the beginning. On the other hand, it taught me to be independent and effective. I think it’s good to trust the mentors and the teacher and dive into deep water from the beginning. 


SC: What would you say to a woman that is, same as you three months ago, thinking about changing her career?

A: A piece of advice – give it a go! Don’t give up and if you really want to do it, you’ll manage.