We support the future female programmer


beginner and junior level courses

I'm interested in your coding courses. Is it true that they are free of charge?
Yes, basically all of our courses (beginner and junior levels) are free of charge for each female participant. In the participation agreement, we include the paragraph about the damage fees and/or drop out/resignation fees in case a course participant decides to leave the course just in the middle or so.
I’m interested to apply but what are the strings attached?
We are trying to be very transparent, therefore each applicant receives the terms and agreement to go through as the last step of application process before she decides to become a course participant.
I would be very interested to learn more about when the next round of applications begin and any other information about the program.
The basic information about the courses’ program is available on our website at “Free curses”.

The work on all new courses is ongoing so please follow our social media for updates about next courses’ openings and the news we post on the website.

I wonder if your courses are online?
No, all of our courses are stationary thus you need to be present in the classroom each work day, from Monday to Friday.
Are the courses full-time or are there some during mornings or evenings? Do you offer weekend classes? How long is the course?
Currently all of our courses are held in late afternoons/evenings and are part-time. Participants come to the classes for 2,5h daily from Monday to Friday. And no, currently we do not offer courses held at the weekends. Each course that we currently run last 3 months.
I have not received any confirmation of my application. Have you got it?
It might happen that you will hear from us up to 48 hours after you send the application. Please get back to us in case the waiting time takes more than 48h.
I don’t think I’ve received the email with a reply from you. Would I be able to get a copy?
Sometimes it may happen that our email gets into your spam box, please double check that.
Is there any way to be part of your newsletter for the next openings?
Yes, please send us a request via email team@smartcoding.se if you wish to receive information about next openings.
I wanted to apply for the course but I can not see the link yet. Is it already available?
Once we open applications and set the exact time for that then there is a button “Apply” visible on the home page. You may also refresh the application page/course page and there you will find the application form at the bottom.
Please guide me what I need to do to apply for the course.
Before you apply please read carefully all the course description on our site, then based on your previous programming experience see if you are the applicant we address this course to (beginner or junior level). Then you just need to follow the rules described on the site of the course that you wish to apply for (when the application process is open) and fill in the application form. You will hear back from us within max 48h with further instructions. There will be some tests and the interview part we will ask you to go through.
I was thinking of applying for the Full-Stack or Game Dev course but wanted to check how much coding experience you are looking for?
If you have the programming foundations and basic understanding (in C or another language), did some online or stationary short term course that should be enough for you to apply.
I want to become a software developer but I don’t have any previous experience in this field, can I apply?
Yes, you can apply for the beginner level courses without any programming skills.
Are there any events and courses that you offer outside of Stockholm?
No, right now we run all events and courses in Stockholm.
Can I apply without speaking Swedish?
Yes, you can. All classes are held in English.
In which programming languages you are giving training?
Depending on the course the participants learn C, C#, Javascript, Python etc. Please check each course description available on our site.
I will move to Stockholm in the nearest future. Can I apply for the course now?
The time between the application process (once the process is opened) and the course start date is very short thus we expect each applicant to apply once she is already living in Stockholm or nearby.
I am interested in learning Java. Do you have some courses planned in the closest future?
We usually offer courses that will give you the opportunity to become a beginner or junior Software Dev with the knowledge of more than one particular language as we believe the programming is about solving challenges thus the more languages you know the more tools you may use to solve those challenges.
I have recently done the tests as part of the application process, phase 2. Could you let me know whether I’m under consideration for the course?
It might happen that you will hear from us up to 72 hours after you have done the tests. Please get back to us in case the waiting time takes more than 72h.

IT development career program

What is the description of the IT development career program that you offer?
At SmartCoding we focus on filling the IT gender gap and promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We offer a career program only to participants of the junior level courses. That program is meant to support each female junior programmer in getting her first internship and then a first job. We believe each fresh course graduate will benefit from using our career development support and IT market knowledge in landing a first project work. In this way, each individual will add to her cv some practical experience which is so much desired by the employers.
How long is the career program?
The career program lasts in total max 9 months (if started directly after course graduation and without any disturbance). That includes a max 3-month internship and a max 6-month job (part- or full-time or project work).