I was an English teacher at that time, but I was always interested in technology so I decided to try out technology as a hobby and then realised how interesting it is.


At the beginning, I was thinking “No way we can do this!”, but then, in the end, I felt more and more confident. It’s been challenging, but very helpful for all of us.


Programming-wise I learnt a lot, mostly Python, React and JavaScript and that made me to shape my career towards becoming Back-end developer.


A piece of advice – give it a go! Don’t give up and if you really want to do it, you’ll manage.


"I have enjoyed working on the project and have learned a lot from thinking about all the different aspects of creating a web product."


"Do not be afraid to learn something new at any age, especially if you have kids and feel afraid to start a new adventure."


"I used to think that being a developer was too hard, and I didn’t feel ready for it. SmartCoding appeared at the right time and has given me the confidence I needed."


"There are many advantages, as a group of motivated girls - we can always learn from each other, share our feelings, discuss questions and confusions."


"My advise if you really want something: Do it. Just do it. And everything will turn out for the best......"