"I have enjoyed working on the project and have learned a lot from thinking about all the different aspects of creating a web product."


"Do not be afraid to learn something new at any age, especially if you have kids and feel afraid to start a new adventure."


"I used to think that being a developer was too hard, and I didn’t feel ready for it. SmartCoding appeared at the right time and has given me the confidence I needed."


"There are many advantages, as a group of motivated girls - we can always learn from each other, share our feelings, discuss questions and confusions."


"My advise if you really want something: Do it. Just do it. And everything will turn out for the best......"


"If a woman with a small child wants to work and start a new career, it means that she has a real motivation and this motivation is strong. ....."


"I learned how to manage my emotions and chill out, which leads to an effective way of learning ....."


"I am very happy with the whole experience, and being empowered by other women gave me a lot of motivation...."


"Just stay calm and try, even if you fail, just keep on trying and you will do it!...."


"Learning to code is really not as hard as it might seem...."