1. Do you remember what has convinced you to join Full-Stack course at SmartCoding? And what programming experience did you have before applying for this course?
My friends highly recommended this course, as well as the desire to learn new things. I already had the experience of the bootcamp (Java programming language), but I also had a constant feeling that this is not enough and more is needed.

2. What has helped you so far to stay motivated in the learning process? And what are your ways to solve challenges with the real IT projects you work on during the course? Share some secrets 🙂
My secret is very simple. There is a problem – think carefully about the solution, google it, ask for advice from other programmers if google did not help.

3. Is there anything in particular that you like about coming to the class each day?
It sounds trite but I like the feeling of family in the classroom. This is more than classmates, these are friends.

4. How many women in tech do you know and how can you describe those relations? What have you learned from them and has that helped you in any way?
I know a lot of women in technology they are always like a role model for me. They taught me not to give up.

5. Do you want to stay and live in Stockholm longer once you get your dream job in IT? And what that dream job should be, can you describe it?
Of course, now I only focus on Stockholm, only on IT. A dream job is a job that makes me happy, is fun and gives me the opportunity to develop further and become the best version of myself every day.

6. Do you remember what was the main challenge for you during this course? And could you give any advice for women who are thinking about applying for the junior courses at SmartCoding? How should they prepare?
The biggest challenge was to find the time because it is always necessary to find the right balance between study and personal life.
My advise if you really want something:
Do it.
Just do it.
And everything will turn out for the best.