Interview with Oussa

“Logical reasoning and basic mathematics can help us absorb programming concepts better and faster. But it’s the right attitude and mindset that makes the difference. Attitude makes Great!” The story of our teacher Oussa is the story of how different backgrounds and experiences can lead to a meaningful journey and help you combine your knowledge and experience to create value and make a real impact. Read our interview with Oussa and see what he thinks about being a teacher, where his passion for technology comes from and if he believes that programming is for everyone.

Interview with Victor

“I’ve been mentoring people and engineers for close to 10 years. Before mentoring and teaching, I looked for ways to understand coding. Teaching people was one of the ways to do it. Making contributions to the world through helping people uplift their economy through coding has always been a second passion.” Read our interview with SmartCoding’s teacher Victor and see how does the process of teaching a diverse group looks like and what challenges it brings.