We support the future female programmer

The Solution

The idea is simple, yet powerful! SmartCoding brings a complex solution to the “women in IT” challenge by offering niche education programs which combine hands-on learning, mentoring, career coaching and a lot of fun, but most importantly – it is free of charge! Our courses are held in centrally located classrooms, fully equipped with the necessary hardware and software for educational needs. There are two levels of expertise: beginner & junior. Courses are intensive but organized after working hours, each last 12 weeks and cover relevant education, lectures and practising, as well as work on real IT projects at the advanced courses.

All communication is held in English and carried out by industry experts, both international and Swedish IT teachers and mentors.

During the advanced courses, we will simulate a real IT work environment in the class and the students will work on IT problems/tasks/projects provided by our partners – companies or startups. That will allow students to practice their new skills with the engaging hands-on learning experience, and also help them build their real projects’ portfolio.

We would like to make our courses as practical as possible, so that graduates (once they enter the job market) may already present some of their programming assignments. Co-working on real IT projects will support partners in the product development phase but also provide a chance to know graduates and invest time & effort in them as potential future tech interns or employees. Moreover, it will help them with filling the gender gap in their IT teams and resolve software developers’ shortage on the job market.