1. You started the 3-month Junior Software Developer course at SmartCoding on April 11th, 2018. Do you remember what you were thinking back then about learning programming? And what was the main drive for you to start learning?
I had some experience with programming in Python and Java during my bachelor studies at Stockholm University. I attended this course to improve my knowledge and learn C as well as JavaScript. Before this course, I had never tried to do programming on daily basis and it was a great shift for me. I soon learned that I really enjoy coding every day and now I am happy to say that coding has become one of my hobbies. 🙂

2. Can you summarize your experiences with the Junior Software Developer course? What was the most challenging part, looking at it from a time perspective, and what can you describe as the best one or somehow rewarding?
I really appreciate that I could be a part of this group. I have improved my self-confidence in programming. The challenging part was that we were a group of women with different backgrounds from very new coder to some of us who had some experience. Therefore it was sometimes hard to adjust the speed of the class so that it will suit everyone. The rewarding part is that by coding every day, I was able to make it as my new habit. I also get to know a group of smart and enthusiastic women with whom I share a common interest in building our path as a software developer.

3. Has this course changed your way of thinking about programming and how do you feel about your new skills?
Yes. I have been able to learn strategies to tackle problems. For example one of the important parts in my view is that I learned how I should think when I have a problem to solve and that I do not have to code all the parts at the same time. In contrary, I can think of solving the problem in different parts/functions and take these different parts as black boxes and define the behaviour of black boxes and later code these black boxes.

4. What are your goals concerning your future career? Are you planning to develop your tech skills?
From the career point of view, my goal is to gain the knowledge to be able to work as a full-time developer. Beside different languages, I think it is important to learn different approaches and technologies in software development like agile methods, scrum and version control.

5. There are many women who might be still sceptical about learning programming. What could you tell them to give them courage and convince to start learning?
There are several reasons why a person might be sceptical about learning programming. Some have never tried and I will tell them just give it a try and I hope you will enjoy it. And for those who have tried but got scared, confused or did not understand much, I really suggest taking a beginner class where you are able to learn the basics at your own pace. I really believe in Stephen Hawking’s quote: “Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.”

6. Would you recommend SmartCoding courses to women that want to start working as programmers?
I really recommend the course. You will not only learn how to code but also will meet women who are on the same path as you to build a new career path as a software developer.