1.You are almost at the end of your path to complete the Junior Full-Stack Web Dev course. This course started on November 19th, 2018. Do you recall your thoughts from the first classes? What were your expectations back then?
Well, in the first lesson everything was super new. For me, the first challenge was the work with Ubuntu. I never worked with it before and all those installations appeared to be a nightmare. But then I got used to it so well that reinstalled to my home computer:)

2. You started the junior course with some knowledge about programming. When did your adventure with programming begin? Can you tell what were the main reasons to start learning how to code?
I had working experience with analytical like R and SPSS syntax, I also have knowledge in database design. Although I really like analytics and still have this set of mind what makes me happy in actual software engineering is a tangible result. I mean it is actually a process of creation. And I really like to have a chance to reset my mind from analytics to problem -solving.

3. Were there any particular reasons for you to choose the Full-Stack course at SmartCoding and learn to code front-end & back-end to create websites?
I was looking for coding opportunities and SmartCoding was just great. Since I have a background in data analysis and data collection Full -Stack development was interesting for me already quite some time, because the modern data is on the internet. I hope at some point I will manage to combine all the skills for something new and interesting.

4. Which part of the course you find most challenging so far and why?
The start when everything is new, but after learning a bit the new way of doing things it is becoming better.

5. I know you are also a young mother. How do you combine your personal life with the new education? Any tips for other women – young mothers trying to learn how to code and build their new career in IT?
It is one of the most challenging stories I ever had in my life, but if a woman with a small child wants to work and start a new career, it means that she has a real motivation and this motivation is strong. I would say I am very focused now, much more than before the child because I do not have time to lose. Somehow I participate in work and studies more efficiently.
To the newborn moms, I would recommend to be sure that the family is ready to help, in my case it was my husband. Because it is a big work and you actually need free time. In my case, I was doing some extra work at night when the baby was sleeping.
6. Can you give your personal tips for women who wish to follow your path and become a participant at the SmartCoding Junior Full-Stack course? What should they expect and how should they prepare?
Well, first of all, to try programming before and make sure that you actually like the process, because programming is a permanent non-stop process of solving small technical tasks within one big project. I mean it is super interesting, challenging, but also can be frustrating if you do not find a solution etc. However, it is definitely worth trying even if one is not sure yet, but really curious. Plus you will meet really nice and interesting people with amazing technical skills that are essential to have in order to understand the progress in the modern world.